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Borgio Verezzi

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: Borgio 314

Overlooking the terrace for breakfast enjoying the beautiful climate and breathtaking views. Casa Scaglie di Mare is a prestigious residential building, where the use of environmentally friendly materials guarantees a perfect sound and thermal insulation and transforms the house into a safe and welcoming nest. Sunlight is present all day, thanks to the beautiful east/south/oves exposure of the building.

In a house like this, with an enviable panorama, the "inside" and the "outside" become one for the joy of your holiday or your living at the seaside.
The tranquility of the hill, in a residential area of villas and small condos and the proximity to the old town enhance even more these housing solutions: in all only 6 apartments in a private and quiet residence in the heart of the Gulf of Borgio Verezzi.

Two-bedrooms and three-bedroom flats with a garden or terrace of your choice, with the possibility of a box and/or a parking space of relevance. Tailored solutions! Relevant tax deductions box (certain) and Sisma Bonus (pending verification)!

New construction, earthquake-resistant building. All apartments are certified in class A4, made of first-choice materials, taken care of in every detail both in aesthetic quality and durability. Climate management is centralized, with actual consumption counts for each housing unit. There are photovoltaic panels and solar panels that take advantage of the enviable orientation of the house to reduce the costs of heating/cooling and production of hot water.

---> Codice <---: Borgio 314
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: Liguria
---> Provincia <---: Savona
---> Comune <---: Borgio Verezzi
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---> Totale_mq <---: 70
---> camere <---: 2
---> bagni <---: 2
---> Locali <---: 3
: 700

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Via Giacomo Matteotti, 149
Borgio Verezzi (SV)